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Mr. Michael Rizzo Chessman


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Irish Embassy
Pub & Grill

49 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, M5E1J1



Get your Italian Coffee served along with coffee beans "to go" at Pasta Mia cafe located at Toronto's St. Lawrence Market Centre (front street near church)
Great pasta here too for home takeaway

(owned by Klement and Anila Havaraj
- folks who are "like dear family" to us)


In Latin: "hibernicis ipsis hibernior"
(Even More Irish spirited than the
here Irish seeming themselves) - wow!

best of the planet!!!

Queens Quay terminal @ Toronto harbourfront 
416-214-2772 www.watermarkirishpub.ca   supporttheirishspirit.com

fox and fiddle - greektown toronto

fox and fiddle on the danforth - toronato canada

Italian Tuscany beef restaurant dinner idea

Italian Chicken cacciatore restaurant dinner idea

Italian marsala veal restaurant dinner idea

Italian Pork loin restaurant dinner idea

Some Pubs we've seen around have a beautiful selection of the best songs picked
for jukebox playing with a modern machine that offers a huge number of such great
songs from the 70s (bee gees, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Yvonne Elliman, and tons
more) and with the best songs from Van Morrison ("Someone like you" / "Have I told
you lately") Christopher Cross (Arthurs theme, Ride like the wind), Leann rimes, ("Cant
fight the moonlight" - discounted price, plus "Wasted days and wasted nights") Jackie
Evancho, Andy Gibb (even played a George strait song - "Amarillo by mornin!" - nice
country selections equally!) You might even blow a twenty on a jukebox in that case,
and not live to regret it as it gives a shot in the arm our planet hasn't had for just too
bloody long now I say - time to end the abuse with bullshit so-called music we are
subjected to in a bid to make for stupidly equals in such regard as human sensibilities
as applied to music tastes and what have you - for gods sakes I submit with care!
Jackie Evancho's best song performances of traditional great songs were included in
what we found around, - except my most favourite "imaginer" - although not a song
as well known here - check it out at my music appreciation and download site here:

the firendly greek on danforth
Mondays are for vacationing seeming at some places (closed mondays) aw
(on danforth avenue near chester subway station)

stouts pub


Nice folks over the years! Have had the calamari here
Great burgers too - even tried the lamb burger here!!

big smoke burger locspecial

bullger deal - unbeatable at present
Same deal available at 348 Queen street east (Queen at Parliament)

simply hard to imagine a better made, so filled with  taste burger
- melt in your mouth!! (farsi spoken here, while greek spoken at
danforth location as second language options if need be)

prev best pick shown below: (now rated "runner up")
best burger deal in town

Over this past decade I've been in literally hundreds of times I figure for the Wednesday drink and burger special back then - now its just five bucks fifty
for a full 20 oz pint on their molsons and other drink specials - late nights and
afternoons too - check for posted times. currently 3pm-6pm and again from
9pm - close (as late  as 2AM at the atrium on bay location - its the only one
for me as they potentially have the right music with the jukebox option mainly
available for some of the greatest songs of 70s-90s decades plus more!
Special also applies all day sat-sun

st louis happy hour

st louis molsons special
$5.50 Molson canadian (my actual fav beer - only when served
as draft - on tap - tastes better served that way I find
- or an ice chilled bottle too equally perhaps)
20 oz Pint and drinks special  3-6PM 9PM-close PLUS all day
sat-sun (St Louis wings pub - atrium on bay near eaton
Centre) My fav bar drink - smirnoff vodka cooler or
Italian limonata (sparkling lemonade) or fresh orange
juice - plus, of course, a shot or two of mainly Russian
vodka mainly too added here too!! happy hour price ($5.50
also applies to a glass of house wine and some listed hard
liqours) - recently tried the "happy our" offering at shoeless
joe's which by the way runs from 2pm to 5pm in case anyone isnt
sure. just $3.95 gets you mild tasting chilled draft beer - a 12oz
glass of coors lite tasting just so very mild as beer should be.
only stayed for 2 quick drinks and then just had to run. ciao
draft beercoors deal
Its better at st louis atrium on bay as its double the
size of deal you get here (almost....) plus the draft beer
picks are right at present and served arctic style cold

my recent stop in for a beer at st louis atrium on bay
location included a molson canadian special followed by
a tremendous lift to my entire evening with a shot of
Baileys (i believe five bucks to be an ideal price by
the way, rather than more than that) and finished off
(after a french onion soup prior) with a delicious
hot fudge topped vanilla ice cream with a cookie base
just $3.50 (normally served with caramel topping instead
I believe - however I love the hot fudge as my fav topping
on ice cream anytime - PS this ain't "gelato" but REAL Ice
cream for the folks who come here. Often have lovely
Irish or italian waitresses as a way of offering something
rare to whats around - where's the fairness in that!!
ta folks
- this is my fav "bar place" I can feel at home
to come in and enjoy a drink, food and great music on the

gourmet sausage suggestion everywhere

By the way, the truth be told, this seemed more like
Kobassa they served me that day, as it is also
a house specialty made right on the premises too.
In any event whatever it was takes the cake.

By the way, a bar is where you come to for sensible ideas of social
interactivity, and relaxing to wonderful music. Get rid of the
rap minded shit on the loudspeaker plus any such related ideas
as watching rough hockey/football or any sports including fer
crissakes "kick boxing" in favour of being humanly sanely spirited
engaged ta and merci - spaceba and grazie amen

The best tasting drink wherever liquor is to be found to be had - smirnoff
- now also available in peachy and pink flavours

best limonata
available by the whole case too on amazon.com
- cheap to get stocked up on now for parties etc!!

bourbon chicken
usually mild yet delicious tasting - if need be, tone down the spice
level as it isn't always consistently mild-medium mild when served
here best served in its light sauce and fresh tasting tender chicken
full of flavour but not in any way "hot spiced" this could be a wide
success as a chicken style offering in mainstream venues equally.

tikka hicken

silk road kabab house - bay street downtown toronto

silk raod - best in tandoori skewers for flavour

 delivery options

galata sign

Turkish kebab dinner from Galata Restaurant on Danforth (at Jones)
I was served by a lovely blonde waitress of Turkish background - merci!
(mild taste, but tasty certainly too)


best rice style of offerings are instead at silk road kabab house
along with naan and kabab house on yonge street (both listed
on this page as top picks too for tandoori flavoured chicken
and great value kabab offerings too) galata served shredded
carrots and the like as a salad choice - would prefer to skip
or have better quality rice (with some side sauce please)
as these two top  indo-afghan outlets just mentioned do.
galata should consider wine offerings along with smirnoff
style drinks additionally too fer crissakes

delivery options

asian gourmet - gerrard square combo deal - wow!!

kabab curry
As often found available at sams indian kitchen - on River st
- just east of parliament

butter chicken
Maybe use uber/skip the dishes etc - these guys are open real late
- however the neighbourhood is a tough one at times to be around

tandoori souvlaki
Complete souvlaki chicken combo meal -
just $11.99 shown with light tandoori flavouring
- needs much much more of the great tandoori
flavour to be a success - however its a nice
idea to start with and worth a try - dundas sq
toronto downtown - down-escalator from starbucks

frankies jerk chicken burger

food basics ham offering

pepperoni slices

food basics maple lodge cooked whole chicken

(now $9.97)

Whole cooked chicken is also available at other supermarkets that have
900gms or 1kg size offerings for just a couple of dollars in fact more
The nice part about the pictured offerings is that it came with tasteful
seasoning and sauce cooked right in. (longos, metro, loblaws offer this
daily often too)

diverse other chicken flavour suggestions

lamb shank curry idea

chili chicken

Top idea too for quick lunch - sausage on a bun/croissant!! My most fav quick
food too by far!!
debrizini sausage

sausage from toronto street cart vendors
You'd have to be a lunatic to buy the food quality at McDonalds instead!!!
Choose from regular or spicy Italian, Polish or German octoberfest
carts vary in the quality of meats they serve - so check around fer
shure. 7-11 hot dogs are superior quality to hot dogs often at street carts
nowadays. and certainly most of all better than waste at harveys,
Plus sausage is often certainly superior at metro deli counters
and at st lawrence market meat vendors BBq outlets and same in leslieville


Why on earth bother with fast food burger joints in the
main when clearly such delicious quick meat offerings
are available from Brandt and pillers brands and more
- my fav being Kolbassa - fantastic delicious and heavenly
I find!! Loblaws owned "No Frills" Outlets pricing usually
best Loblaws ziggy brand pricing may be even better on
sliced kobassa. check at no frills for it too - plus note
that no-frills price matches even "food basics" and other
even better known big names in grocery retailing
check their list of eligible competitor listings
for price guarantee - you'll find it pretty much

(also available in same size and price is hungarian hot
salami - nicely light flavoured and certainly reasonably
price here) sliced Ham is another popular option in this
line of offerings at everyday discounted price showing
just here we found - kolbassa loaf still gets top pick!!
kobassa beats plain just polish sausage - not worth
saving a just dollar when making the choice

brandt kobassa - sliced package
Currently on special price promo at No frills
(including Rocco's no frills on front street)

for about the same price, no-frills has
a no-name brand packaged offering of
sliced sub sandwich meats (375 gms)
including fresh tasting ham (seeming
like kobassa) plus salami along with

Likewise, Chrizzo sausage tastes great, and even improved when grilled and
served plain or on a bun/croissant (at metro on front street)

sikorski sausage on a bun - croissant suggested serving

forget bagels - croissants are a more civilized infliction on your
sense of saner nicest taste ideas!!

croissants are a better way to go

Italian cafe7

flagship style
Lovely music here too - recently treated to greek, Italian and spanish
(besame mucho) songs playing straight one after the other (little Italy

company to support in this area additionally - ta

aroma espresso

welcome mat

aroma croissant sandwich (A)

aroma espresso bar croissant sandwiches

aroma croissant sandwich (B)

aroma breakfast
(Classic breakfast - includes two huge eggs done your way
plus generous slice of perfectly done turkey bacon - $7.75)

back bacon is a much better way to go over strip bacon
for breakfast sandwich offerings by the way, and ham
should always be an option to replace bacon for a side
offering with breakfast

wishlist to add to menu

la prep service bar
La Prep - fantastic breakfast offering below:
la prep

chelsea bun
Chelsea Hotel Toronto Pub (called the Chelsea Bun) 80s 90s memories
(click here)

esthers breaded rolls
especially delicious and tender tasting made - (not overdone)
plus lots of curry mash potato filling plus meats

best french onion soup picks - stock photo
check out the French onion soup as a great food option at your local bar

check out the "firkin bar " locations around town too
("where have all the flowers gone in this town around??")
firkin on yonge and elsewhere

       Keg Staff picture - location unspecified
The Keg
26 The Esplanade, Toronto, ON, M5E1M1

 The Keg Steak and lobster offerings

Supremely great steak 
and lobster fun place!!
(pricey though...)

kegs takeout  kegs york st loc
Red Lobster Restaurants
Many locations throughout  Canada + The United States

Steak and Lobster Great place for a lobster pizza when available (ten bucks and change) plus truly great Steak and lobster served just right and always reasonably priced!

(love the long Island Iced Tea served here - have it every time I'm here! - $9)

pre-pandemic visit for supper was for the
four course meal special (under twenty five
dollars) plus a couple more dollars to substitute lovely lobster bisque (small serving) and a few more dollars to have a great 7oz sirloin steak included.  delicious included dessert of fresh tasting vanilla scoop of ice cream along with a hot brownie

fish n'chips red lobster fish'n chips $14.99
deal. closeslaw needs mayo
fries need salt - but nice
anyway for the decor too!
wine special
$5.99 wine special
- fridays

Lobster bisque maybe try too the (mainly broth) lobster bisque (to your left)
Also, Complimentary fresh made english
biscuits served while your lunch
is prepared
The maritime lobster $14.95 should be
ordered broiled - for best taste (not boiled/steamed).
7 oz sirloin also available now at $20.80
rice not what it used to be, broccoli etc sides not
apparently available anymore, however brussel sprouts are

  red lobster free-refills lemonade
these gift cards are each a great idea           Free refills on pop or GREAT $4 lemonade
here too (as available)                        flavours with your dinner or even for lunch too!

Three course dinner offering presently in effect for just $19.99 - even allows
 you to get in on the fantastic large signature shrimp cocktail for your appetizer
and choice of great clam chowder or lobster bisque for starters along with your
main course. Now that's gonna be hard to beat!! burger looks great but is typical
to what you find at many bars - the better way to prepare beef-burger
offerings is as being done at "The Bullger" or even  "big smoke" top burger outlets
in town ($10 complete combo offerings of better beef burger quality)
burger deal   signature shrimp cocktail - fantastic

Delicious Neilson milkshake
offerings to start your day

7-11 offers this great French
Cappucino drink for just around
$2+ or Hot chocolate if you prefer!

   tims cup
Tims has the best tasting, sweet coffee styled offering they refer to as "French vanilla cappucino" made from a powdered preparation. $2+ Tim's as well has a real nicely fresh croissant which heated with butter costs under a toonie Their croissants are more of a pastry style
gourmet offering.

Simply lemonadeTropicana
All coffee shops and food outlets should offer these drink brands in a glass of your choice of size even!  The folks at Starbucks especially!

"Second Cup" coffee shops
offer at present a truly
great large butter
croissant reasonably priced at just $2.50 delivered fresh daily by gourmet bakers locally (why not Starbucks too - best atmosphere there) Cheddar option too

butter croissant

Lovely lemon cake from Italy - made with love! Under three bucks here - which includes 4 slice size! use at a cafe for a reasonably priced menu offerings

Also available here for your nice Tims ham sandwich

you'd find you much
dearly no doubt love
the approx $5 plus tax
ham and cheese hot
toasted fresh ham
sandwich at Tim's - on
a bun is just great - or
a lovely pastry quality
croissant (a bit extra)

       Vachon offers cafe
 quality tarts - from $.75ea

Starbucks location pictured above has great music available (late 70s 
early 80s) lovely! Starbucks is your best deal for great atmosphere 
especially (Best decor!)  (Give out a gift-card today!) - they got the best 
tasting blonde flavoured coffee - reasonable! These folks should be
serving wine and vodka coolers (or even alcohol free coolers) all day! 


Huge selection of sandwich wraps and more now available:

Smirnoff bottle Rekorderlig Mikes hard lemonada Mateus rose - wine - portugal
                                                  Sparkling Rose - 11% alcohol content - serve chilled for great taste
Tim Horton's Nicely fixtured new location at First Canadian Place 
- Adelaide street entrance

Tim Horton's fresh baked (on the premises) croissants, are just
under a toonie, even heated and buttered

Tims delicious strawberry chill drink 

presidents choice oj
Presidents choice 1.75 litre OJ bargain - at 
this price, taste is none better anywhere
else!! even greater taste than tropicana - 
the truth be told - it just tastes more 
natural and even comes in at least as good
as the currently more commonly found 
other popular pick - "simply" brand. 

Remember to give a kings ransom of a generous tip here too, especially!

hooters club member only idea soon to be???? yeah!!!!!!
For the sanest of spirited women loving men, whosoever would dare say "all is lost here??" NEVER!!
Give the merited care you deserve to give to those who deserve to receive - that's ONLY the fair thing to do eh!!
(Michael Rizzo - Leader eurocoalition.org / eurohumanist.org) Human Rights advocate and crusader "second to none"!!

(See the "just to die for" knockout below) (Otherwise hold on to your wallets in protest 
I suppose... maybe just kiddin,,, just you try us...)
  Hooters blonde 
Anytown doin without such supremely decently such funmost ideas, 
oughta be locked down still - and remain so forever more amen!!

hooters deals
all you can eat?? be nice!!
at this price I'd settle for just bein around
long enough to finish even this huge helping!
tip lots (tops spirited gals deserve most)!!

lucky young boy at hooters having just great fun 

mr bean at hooters ha ha

recipe 1

shrimp kababs

sausage dish

recipe two

Plus, great passion fruit drink available
widely from Cdn distributor $2.25/litre
and up (Cheapest is "No Frills" supermarket)
Gotta have this stuff around on the menu! Delicious!
Burger and fries presentation suggestion

tropicana grape              
Tropicana concentrated grape juice gives
a uniquely rich delicious taste for grape 
juice/wine fans!

Many bars tend to offer specials such as a  Burger meal
deal with a drink purchase along with a "Happy hour" drink 
offering daily. I enjoyed even more, recently a grilled jumbo 
(pictured) huge sausage on a bun (just $8.95) plus purchased
a delicious Smirnoff (with ice) at the bar 
A nice bowl of chili (no beans though - just a bit of potato instead) in 
a curry style sauce would beat what all too many bars offer for taste 
and value in much of what's on the menu in the target price I suggest 
($5 +) 

Best everyday delicious lunch and dinner value lunch/dinner 
meals around $5-$8

Sausage on a bun at St lawrence Market in
downtown toronto (main level) look for
"brown's meats" food stand and fresh
meats counter
) (new owners?)

reasonably enough priced at $5 each!!
-inc tax
(with coleslaw and bbq 
sauce) Debrezini polish sausage on
a bun - beats most street cart vendors
for quality and value especially
fer shure!!
st lawrence market - browns brothers - sausage on a bun

Famous popular Comedian - Mr. John Pinette
 (Just for laughs comedy network)
comments on salt levels in KFC chicken offerings
(See better deals on chicken elsewhere)

popeyes tuesday meal deal - $3.50
(tuesday pricing on 2pc snack)
$3.99 plus tax 2 pc deal as shown - (tuesdays only)
otherwise meals too expensive here I hate to say)
$1.29 to this deal on tuesdays, each for regular cajun
fries, and or pop - chicken available mild or spicy
Similar deal at Church's chicken on tuesdays too.

Popeyes Louisiana Cajun style french fries offer
of a taste alternative (open late nights $4 medium
size box)

You're far far better off at A&W for the $3.49 double buddy for the value
compared to poor quality and value here by comparison fer shure
As for spending more - head over to "The Bullger" or "Double smoke
burger" you wont regret it - best money you could spend on burger
meal - while harveys comes in at the bottom on some choices

Wendy's has the best tasting reasonably priced chili
in town - beats a can of "Campbell's" value all te hell as to
real food ideas!!

wendy's chili

McDonalds only has the best Jnr Chicken burger 

- although you gotta get in on a taste of kolbassa
sliced or unsliced sausage - to be won over to the
best such real food instead as a way of life - amen!!

7-11 pizza deal offering

7-11 big bite sloppy joe

Rather than spend fully four dollars on a small weiner
style hot-dog at Harvey's - why not grab a great alternative
instead such as this $3.99 (two for six bucks) big bite 100 percent
all beef (Schneiders) jumbo dog at 7-11 locations - (add only a
dollar for a few added  potato wedges) also too available served
in "sloppy joe" style with beef chili  topping at no extra cost.
- or maybe grab an italian sausage at a street cart
(quality varies at these nowadays - everyone used best
shopsys/schneiders too perhaps brand even back then)
nowadays many offer sub quality seeming meat instead.
7-11 has the real thing on satisfying hot dog quality.

7-11 smokie
7-11 three cheese smokie hot doogs also on special at
2 for six dollars. Prefer the big-bite frankfurter
style hotdog here myself - at the same regular or special

as an aside:
A 355ml can or small enough bottle of pop alternative shouldn't
have to run anyone more than a dollar or so (plus tax if need be)
Plus why the hell insist that someone has to buy two fer
crissakes!! tax should be prov exempt on the first $5 rather than
just $4 - or exempt for deli/takeout type foods altogether

Doolarama convenience stores have for years had the best
price on cold pop and juice products from mainly pepsi
but including other famous brands too. A cold bottle in 590ml
size is reasonably priced at $1.25 - try and beat that eh fellas!!

2 dollar kabab rolls at circle K!!
Often sold out etc (why not get it elsewhere more reliably too)

chicken parmesan

tandooiri wrap
available too at select circle K outlets for starters

curry chicken wrap

metro ham-cheese sandwich
wow - great deal on a ham and cheese sandwich at metro supermarket
locations such as front & church in toronto - mayo would be nice too

longos great turkey sandwich


coffee eggnog


pasta with lotsa meatsauce

daily meat and potato  minimum example

taco tuesday
Regular price $5 each, incl tax
Certainly not taco bell quality by far
$2 special does not include shredded cheese
or other toppings or sauces than basic
offering selections - ask ahead (lotsa beef)

taco outlet  - kensington market
by spadina avenue just south of college street
near "chinatown spadina tourism area"

A & W OJ / mama burger
A&W $3.20 (double) buddy burger deal nice enuf burger
value for around this price level comparison!! (with
carmelized onions incl too) and mayo too!
Burger has thin slices of more of a real beef

right next door at queen and logan is this gourmet pork
sausage on a bun offering that's clearly unbeatable too!
rowefarms sausage
picture below: (not as big as sausage cart vendors - but
gourmet quality "on the go") nice to offer too on train travels
and as an added cost snack on airline refreshment counters
and on flights equally plus supermarkets all atound.
They also have a gourmet quality substantial burger at $8
also gourmet quality similar on a brioche hamburger bun
sausage on a bun
checkout Discount plans available on quantity purchases/
standing orders

metro butter chicken bar
Pictured is the great butter chicken from
the curry bar at the Metro on front street
(section not open at
present since pandemic
began) they do all curries here best when so inclined it would appear

metro on front @church street's
lovely flavour (creamy)
thai chicken soup (western
style and quality flavour
certainly) (priced just right from
$2.99 and up - Tims should take
note especially) is to "die for"
however they aren't consistent
with supply - it comes from a local
producer for those deli shops
interested in a try instead - every
deli should have this served
regularly (plus restaurants
too certainly)
delicious creamy thai soup

longos thai chicken soup - fabulous 

lobster bisque
Loblaws $3.99 and up lobster bisque offering is now a bit shy
on flavour - but is generous sized an offering and a real 
treat at this price anyway likely. (Lower jarvis st. location)

Great everyday delicious lunch and dinner value lunch/dinner meals between 
$10-$15 (Another most favourite recommended pick too around these price levels
choice of one or more lovely meats and great fresh prepared sides equally in very
reasonably priced combo offerings starting around just $8 plus drink if desired)

Fantastic choice above all!!

Eaton Centre location plus others


BEST VALUE: Enjoy a great fresh made dual skewer
Kofta Kabab meal (Nicely flavoured for western palates
too I say) just $12.99 as shown (huge value and
satisfaction from great meal offering)
 Best place
found for this meal type of great value is at:
Naan Kabab House (locations as indicated below)
- nice lookin huge place (mideastern restaurant) with western appeal on Yonge Street @ Charles St Call their number: 416-972-6623 for hours and delivery details -
 downloadable app for on-line ordering or
visit naankabob.ca to order for delivery including party/catering requests
Naan kabab house yonge street   locations

naan and kabob house
I like to substitute extra rice for the salad (toss salad sorta offering) and use the included creamy kabob dip to sauce up the
rice - great!!

Similar genre of food shown below from Bhaglans in Brampton
(just ten bucks for the whole shebang - wow! but - You get
better tasting food quality and even superior value therefore
at Toronto's Naan and Kabab House in any event - 416-972-6623 -
don't miss out on these unbeatable seeming deals for the whole
family and gatherings in general!! Bhaglans needs only to easliy
add more taste to their great price
afghan specials

sizzler kabab spec combo offer

Tastier!! (and much cheaper than the popular Lahore house in
"little India" section of Gerrard street where many go instead
(shown as previously served instead of having to request the sizzling tray serving
style as shown - which you now seem to have to do - otherwise its served seeming
dry (without the light hot oils and fried onion) as shown below in their $7.99
dual kabab (beef or chicken) and salad offering

sizzler kabab"drier seeming serving style"

$7.99 for two kababs and some salad and chutney sauce - no naan or pop incl
(a bit too spicy I would say especially with the green chutney sauce added- just
a bit milder would make this a great treat once more as it used to be served
as shown above instead in the old days of ideas around here - including music
tastes) pop here is reasonably priced and is double the price in purchased
in "little india" on gerrard street
(sizzler kabab - spadina and and king st W)

leela's kabab

darvish stew

darvish wings

there's usually great taste of souvlaki to be had
at Frankie's restaurant and pub located west past
bathurst on queen street in Toronto. (across from CAMH)
Get xtra tzatziki if you can - it packs a punch on taste
CLICK here to visit their website full menu listings too
Frankies Diner 994 Queen St W, Toronto,

the place is often packed with a lineup
to get in on the great food (licenced
pub offerings too incl smirnoff ice
coolers and moosehead draft beer)

Delivery also available through
the "uber eats" website link

uber delivered

Frankies - great for souvlaki frankies fish 'n chips
Souvlaki - and lots more - fish 'n chips, burgers and great breakfasts
too including steak 'n eggs Frankie's diner (994 Queen street west t.o.)

pitaland dundast location only special offerings

shawarma on croissant - yay!
(best local Availability in convenient
 hours, generous and fresh made
portions compared to most other
mideastern such outlets)
uber delivered

Pita Land phone number
Open all day & all night - call for delivery!!
By the way, should your Souvlaki craving come to you at some ungodly hour or you just happen to
be by this other place here at Dundas/Jarvis, The "Pita Land" location here offers fresh made
chicken Souvlaki in a pita wrap with a huge spread of fillings to choose from - as you like it -
pick fresh tomato, onion, olives (green and or black) plus more, along with loads of tzatziki
sauce and even added tahini sauce too if you prefer - they are here to please. Open to 3AM weekdays
and even 5AM the following morning on weekends. Wow! (Ten bucks for the full regular "sm" size )


New restaurant in our own neighbourhood - located near the popular Toronto's Distillery District
On Sumach street just North of King street, east of Parliament - fantastic Greek music with
daily fresh made choices of $13 inclusive lunch specials - beer, wine or soft drinks too
certainly available.

welcome sign

Gautama toronto
Gautama's new menu was previously best experienced at their sister location on Queen street (Siddharta) 
which has since been closed due to pandemic lockdowns. The menu there was always found to be filled 
with taste and just the right level of spice for a nice enough experience for all food fans here. Also seeming 
fresh throughout the day and evening too at what was then a busy location near Broadview Ave. The naan is 
usually served fresh made with butter included - just a reminder in case the chef is to forget the butter - 
lord forbid, on such a nice added filler as the naan is too, if desired in actuality - the thali is already quite 
enough of a (from the hot plate on display or freshly kitchen prepared and served) meal I assure you.

sams great beef curry    samsf curry

Reasonably priced curry is sometimes additionally to be found here in the beef and chicken
offerings mainly: Sam's Indian kitchen on River street by Oak just east of parliament 
up from King (fresh and tasty when as pictured - and shown $8 - $10 plus tax for full tray of
curry - sides such as naan or breads/rice sty;es etc not included and certainly only
an optional idea - I just have the curry plain myself - everytime) 

Curry and curry-like sauces taste nicer when oil is used in preparation rather than just water.

rabbas is too pricey on most things including their beef samosas etc - but reasonable 
indeed on two sausage rolls package - $3.18 plus 15 cents tax, along with great cheesecake 
slices @ $2.99 and double beef patty (spicy) pkgs @ $2.90
rabba's sausage rolls deal  rabba spicy beef patty pkg

Rabba's reasonable price on a single spicy beef patty is $1.50 instead of the 
discounted $2.90 for two available instead at some locations additionally
You can see that it is a nicer way to go than sticking someone with a much 
higher price for buying the quantity they need or can afford or are budgeted 
for in grocery purchasing stops generally speaking. It is unsupportable
practice in this town to go against the consumer advice we give here on
quantity pricing such as when a $2.99 item sells for $2.25 each only if you buy
two or three or four etc when clearly that is not sane or reasonable to 
someone who may not need a few weeks supply on hand of something, or to be
asked to skew their planned spending in unreasonable manner when a similar
volume/profit objective would be better attained with giving the same discount
to those thankful purchasers who just take the quantity they need or feel
reasonable enough encouraged to take - why not at the $2.25 discounted price
for even just one - probably sell the same quantity or perhaps even more 
over more consumers making a thankful purchase instead - and perhaps 
getting more hooked on an item they might not have planned on but could more
easily take over having to take a few instead. Hell if nee be why not $2.50
as the sale price - and forget the insane attitude of insisting folks buy 4 
at a time etc or be forced to forgo a discount altogether. that's a no-brainer
fellas and we'll see you sacked/boycotted or likely sanctioned with
consumer legislation we intend on - as some of  you still just "don't seem 
to get it" eh!!!! incompetence is all that is to be in the consumer service
sector - period.

P.s. Longos has a hot warmer offering of a dual serving of beef 
patties for just $3.99 plus just 20 cents tax at this price level in this town
(on dundas street at elizabeth street downtown toronto - great deli bar
set-up here)

sams chicken tikka style offering
(looks like tandoori but is not the same) five bucks
will get you a serving , tandoori is tasty yet mild tasting 
indeed - when fresh tastes so tender you'll thuink its been 
marinated first

tikka biryani

awful choice

paramount foods
Just tried these folks at their downtown location
(across from longos in the food court area) -
The wrap was with fresh ingredients throughout
including the spicy flavoured fresh made chicken 
(non-spicy also available - skip the hot sauce 
anyway maybe - tahini sauce or garlic sauce 
better bets for great taste). Generously topped
however the $10.99 combo spafina ave price (back then)
wasn't applicable at this location (pricey rents) here. 
ten bucks plus tax was a reasonable deal for what 
turned out to be a real tasty treat after all. shukran
rabbas gal
(Some rabba's locations sport a paramount
lebanese restaurant - fast foods takeout 
kiosk) haven't tried them here yet - plan to 
do so soon - ciao

michidean pattiestwo dollar beef patty option

ali babas - queen street @ broadview ave location
ali baba samosas treat
samosas here are somewhat smaller
sized fer shure - but best tasting and reasonable 
value at $1.10 each with free creamy garlic dip
included on request.

tasty veggie samosa offering
Comes in pckgs of 6 or 10 depending on individual size pick of samosas 

flame broiled - cooked in sauce
flame broiled bbq (cooked with sauce) 1/4 chicken serving 
suggestion idea (only when as pictured) for those who might 
want to make flame broiled chicken their popular idea all 
around too equally - why not?? (cooked with tasty sauce in, 
certainly - fer shure first and foremost) - previously seen 
around cabbagetown - but no longer - someone else now 
should do this instead - ta

rabba's cheesecke
$2.99 for regular, cherry caramel topped, etc cheesecake
(front street location - at sherbourne)  or $3.29 on river st
where "Cheesecake factory" brand offerings are priced higher
instead at $3.99 ea here. Stick with rabba's own in-house
brand pckg on this one for the better value choice in this 
singular instance in any event I'd say - also available 
round-the-cock seeming at pitaland on dundas street

Take-out foods Review Section Below

Richtree Market Restaurants
- Eaton Centre - Toronto
(and other locations throughout Ontario)

great dessert items and other fresh made take-out foods to please!  (Some locations such as "College Park Center" now out of business - sadly)

we also find Peters Cajun is tops for Cajun spiced
foods including Calamari French fried potato and
Italian sandwiches and pizza too! they deliver!
located on Parliament at Gerrard in Toronto
often great servers too! (please tip)

huge helpin of cajun fries - just four bucks
(ncl tax!)

(Pete's restaurant no longer at this location)

pizza nova pizza

Supreme "pizza Nova" lovely
pizza slice meal offerings!

Pizza Nova is I without a doubt the best pizza
Parlor around here so far tried- and its the
sorta quality level (fresh too!!) we need I most love their
"meat Supreme" :caribbean  sunset" and "Diavola"
gourmet slice offerings plus more!
Just around five bucks a Large SLICE
(actually a double slice in effect) with tax!
Diavola etc topped peppers can be too spicy so
order accordingly when picking toppings

pizza nova

Pizza Nova Meat Supreme

Pizza Nova Diavola

Unbeatable freshly made presented sandwich
deals of Pizza Nova!

pizza nova maseria king/portland
Some of the seating at the
flagship King/Portland Toronto Pizza Nova location

pepperoni example
fresh taste - perfectly made
(not overdone, best ingredients, generously topped)

pizza nova staffers

double deal
Pizza Nova double medium special (Cdn 22.99$)

pizza nova wings
Pizza Nova wings - available with hot sauce too

we most love "hooters" for wings in this town too
hooters wings
all you can eat?? be nice!!
at this price I'd settle for just bein around
long enough to finish even this huge helping!
tip lots (tops spirited gals deserve most)!!

Picture taken on Danforth ave
in the greek section

pizza nova slice offerings

pizza pizza
doused in hot franks sauce
(also breaded is nicer too I find)
While Pizza Nova has the best pizza,
the pizza pizza chain has also
offered great (breaded) pizzaria wings
along the way


Quiznoz lobster
Quiznos offers fully nine inch subs right
now for around under ten dollars Cdn with
mainly lobster and with some alaskan pollock
added in the preparation too. (served with lettuce
and with butter if you prefer it to heaps of lobster
sauce we suggest the latter instead). subway
has gotten pricey for their meager offerings
and are too intensely focused at times
on too much time spent
giving out toppings
painstakingly seeming altogether too much

you'd find you instead much dearly
no doubt love the approx $5 plus tax
ham and cheese hot toasted fresh
ham sandwich at Tim's - on a bun is
just great - or a lovely
pastry quality croissant
(a bit extra for a croissant maybe -
if you prefer in any event - best
sandwich deal in town for a fiver plus
- and sooo delicious!) (with honey mustard too)

Taco bell taco special deals
Taco Bell offers the best tasting beef (in sauce)
preparation in their tacos and burritos
however only in snack sized offerings
it would appear at present. what's needed
is a large man-sized option filled with this
tasty beef in sauce as it is prepared for
best taste. Also bring back the old mexi fries
- its an option we'd be willing to pay for

A bar previously located on king street had
a great deal on wednesdays lunch menu offerings
of seafood tacos served with coors beer - cheap
combo priced to build up business in this town!
Mexican shrimp tacos


The only way to cook bacon so it doesn't seem like
dog biscuits it is that your crunching on instead
Bacon has to be cooked SOFT - not crispy or it aint
worth eatin, let alone payin for for crissakes!
done right (completely soft) its delicious stuff!

Paddingtons Pub
How about an "eggs benedict" treat here at Paddington's
located at the popular Toronto St Lawrence Market
(main level) Truly superior service too (easily worth a million
I'd say! in my own regards personally).

Paddington's St Lawrence Market - Toronto
Bullseye Guinness BBQ sauce

Best breakfast treat by far given the Irish
spirited folk at work here last time around

paddingtons blueberry pancake deal

st lawrence market - open longer from hereon

nice mini breakfast sandwich deal on yonge st ,
yonge-bloor st - around three bucks!! incredible!

The most fabulous cheap breakfast offering in town
is at Cumberland terrace (lower level food court
location) entrance off yonge street (across from
library near yonge/bloor) or entrance off Bay Street
(Cumberland terrace). Delicious and fresh  ingredients
from start to finish - soft english muffin, fresh egg,
lovely ham slices with melted gourmet looking cheese
fresh slice of tomato - all just $3.25 plus if you like
add 99cents for a medium coffeee from "Van Houte"
(Columbian or house special) place is called "wraps
to go' and have nicely appealing mediterranean styled
western wraps etc fresh made French seeming server
mainly on in mornings. nice!

  Mastro Cappocollo

Mastro offers tasty sliced Cappocollo and prosciutto
sausage meats - ask at every one of your local supermarkets
for more of it. Mastro genoa salami hot or reg favoured
is amazingly tasty - maybe pricey treat,
though likely cheapest locally at Rocco's "No frills"
outlet on front street and other of their locations equally.

Marc Angelo imported Italian foods includes a snack sized
offering of slices of genoa salami with provolone cheese slices
just three bucks and change at superior deli food counters such as
at the metro in the packaged cold meats section. BOTH Metro and
loblaws offer great sliced meats such as hot
genoa salami for around $3.25/100grams

chorize salami from spain
from spain - tasty chorizo salami

skip the dishes delivery service suggestion
"Skip the dishes" fast delivery available here too - wow!!

Metro's great $3.49 quarter Jerk style chicken leg
(dark or white available)

metro front street deli jerk chicken

If you prefer BBq to Jerk Chicken, they have this too: (No sign of jerk pork here or elsewhere similar yet)

Great sides to choose from - fresh made - quite tasty by comparison elsewhere and fair value everyday!

Available in a great full meal offering for $7.49 including a couple of Octoberfest
sausages and choice of two sides such as pasta in a delicious curry style sauce
parisienne potato, scallop potato, mixed veggie, veggie rice, or mac'n cheese
Make sure you get the great sausage here when its best - fresh and not overdone!

metro octoberfest daily deal

Someone should find out the brand of these sausages and make them
more conveniently widely available to all folks who love the real stuff

Sikorski sausage choices from the Hot foods section -
Metro Deli (front street - St Lawrence Market area)
They arent serving these cooked here anymore-
buy them from the cold foods section or from Sikorsi
sausage company to offer at your own deli as shown

Party tray from Metro and Loblaws supermarket
 locations -  A must for every holiday gathering
 especially (plus office partys and family/friends
get togethers year round)

Metro's huge lovely Euro style Bakery section

Roma Foods (since 1953) offers a "huge" almost 1kg party size
bag of nice ready to serve mini pepperoni slices just ten bucks
at Loblaws supermarkets (Lower jarvis st. location included
along with Roccos No Frills Front Street outlet - check supermarkets
near wherever you are)
roma foods family size sliced pepperoni offeringRoma

Octoberfest sign
Grilled sausage

lovely spirits
Enjoy the beers of all greatest European spirits

marrio mexican restaurant on queen st east
Barrio mexican style restaurant (queen street at logan avenue)
was filled by an appreciative crowd with live entertainment by
a mexican music singing group (mexican food and soft drinks/liquor served)

marche movenpick european style food outlet
The marche movenpick - now closed down - Shame! - This entire complex was
shutdown for months over covid over-reactions, which extremist mindset application
might just have cost us many good euro styled businesses that were housed
in this complex including possibly our own great Longos supermarket
outlet in the basement all of which seemigly have just recently mostly reopened
although other than the shrimp cocktail here ($2.79 / 100gms)
the pickings are better at the jefferson ave location on king street.
checkout longos on dundas at elizabeth street downtown
for great looking meals served fresh daily at lunchtimes

open holidays
great eggs benedict here too - open on so-called holidays too
now that's so bloody sane an idea for this finally town too!!

johnny gs breakkie 1

johnny gs breakkie 2

Popular Italian restaurant - this particular location in the
Greek section on the Danforth where it is equally most popular

Just under fifteen bucks for a full litre of Port (Tawny 84) @LCBO!!

Metro Deli Octopus salad sample treat

swedish meatballs recipe idea


Metro Deli (Church Street on Front Street) sausage 
Try the local Sikorski Polish Company's offerings 
here of great sausage from traditions throughout 
Europe at the Metro and Loblaws in the cold foods section
Just a couple of dollars gets you a great tasting Sikorski
Polish styled chicken and turkey sausage, along with kabano
and delicious chorizzo available "to go" at the cold foods deli 
counters here as well grilled to ready serve hot at a deli counter 
all around your town such as deliciously at metro at church street often.

A "Presidents Choice" giftcard  makes a 
thoughtful gesture as a gift of lunch meals all month 
long. $5-$500 President's  Choice Giftcards

Best tasting cold meat pick: Kobassa (Ham or Turkey)
also for sliced sausage pick - the spicy version is
a tad hot - just enough for taste of the chili would
be better - still the best of deli meat brands however
Brandt Kobassa
Ask for it on  party trays (cut into thick slices)
- See Metro and Loblaws superior party tray/ party platters 
offerings. Brandt and Pillers brands most commonly found 
around locally and known for best quality along with "Pillers". 
Avoid the (@Metro) Halenda Brand Himalayan salt flavoured 
version as it isn't seeming genuine kobassa taste when we last checked

Best tasting sliced meat pick: Kobassa
yet again! Beats taste of even ham
(except on a sandwich where ham is tops)!!
Kelbassa sandwich meats - top pick here

Mario's gets you great ham 
from Denmark
(Imported at Montreal)
Marios ham from Denmark

Fantastic sausage - 
as served in London too!

 Schneiders sausagepc brand hot sauce

Recently on special at Loblaws owned "No Frills"
discount outlets was nice tasting Schneiders
brand cheese filled sausage offerings to take home 
and heat up in oven (better) or even microwave - 
just a dollar each sausage in packages as few as a 
duo (two) and up to ten in a party size family pack! 
I like to add  Presidents choice brand Louisiana style 
popular hot sauce or mexican brands chosen for mild
taste - such as valentina and "La Costena" (Metro etc).

Schneiders so-called "Octoberfest" type offerings don't 
seem like the real McCoy - try Metro Supermarket - Front 
street etc hot deli section for their $2.49 deli version instead 
(someone should find out what brand these are and offer them
at every deli counter as a core offering fer crissakes man)
or the approx $5 jumbo (whitish colour mainly) maybe 
reasonable enuf quality Octoberfest from street cart 
vendors around town (Toronto etc) (Just outside Ciy Hall 
location prices are even cheaper in early to late mornings)

No name branded cheddar sausage family pack
offerings are available at most supermarkets
mentioned here at reasonable enough prices
($10 for 900gms at No Frills mainly) 

new maple lodge brand offering
of chicken wieners is now similar quality 
we find (not "original" packaged version)

Metro supermarkets offer ready to heat
(microwave out of service at present
- covid phobia etc) spaghetti and meatballs
meals for $5 regular size tray or $10 large size 

BBq chicken pck deal from Kitchen table Deli

sauce included

chicken swkewer we recommend (flavoured delicious)

"Bourbon Street Grill" Unbeatable for taste and sheer value - amazing 
amounts of food in huge selections including spicy beef, garlic or cajun shrimp, 
Bourbon chicken (specialty here) and lots more with great tasting lotsa sides 
to pick from - all fresh made - around ten bucks for a combo - my fav deal here! 
- check for end-of-day specially pre-made combos too - around seven bucks to go!
Also try the food court at Gerrard Square Mall (near pape) for similar food

Loblaws breakfast deal!!
loblaws breakkie

loblaws cookd cold chicken
Available at half the price shown when 
"after date"

loblaws shrimp deal for get-togethers

(as shown) Delicious "Jalapeno shrimp" in chili styled sauce-
Loblaws Deli - Lower Jarvis by Queens quay location etc
(spice level on this one a tad overdone - however should
be a huge hit potentially if fixed) $2.29 /100gms antipasto bar
(Garlic shrimp also equally available as an alternative here)

deli mushroom  
Loblaws deli pickled styled tasty mushroom dish offering

neptune salad   
Loblaws deli tasty seafood salad

peppadew peppers
Loblaws deli pickled styled peppadew peppers treat

loblas lunch                                                                                  

Loblaws deli counters offer a variety of hot or cold foods ready to eat - 
on the go - You can also use your Presidents choice financial MasterCard 
points for free purchases at the deli counter or  for picking up groceries at 
loblaws related supermarket outlets (includes no-frills discount 
locations) PC Choice is a superior best credit card issuer by reputation for 
levels of service quality often beyond your highest expectations (top quality 
service award winner amongst its customers) (although none can beat amex 
too in my own experience for similar service standards too in this business - 
they're american based y'know - its where my heart always is and will be 
forever more amen!! likewise TD bank is tops for best bank services provider 
many of us have found! TD also has the most convenient ATM designs with multiple 
choices of currency denominations when you make a withdrawal - even just a five 
dollar bill if need be - and their unlimited transaction plans allow all the debit 
card use for a reasonable small monthly fee - you can even use their select ATM 
dispenser for US currency withdrawals rather than having to go elsewhere trying
to find it at such reasonable cost. In the U.S. we like citibank too mainly for 
best similar service too hopefully!!

Nice looking branch with flags of friendship between our 
two countries in addition, also in clear evidence

Little Italy A

TD did a great job in sponsoring the festivities in the Italian section
on college street during the 2022 festival season celebrations - 
ta and grazie equally folks!! ("second to none" - thanks again to TD)

Little Italy B

Loblaws deli foods section 
(at select locations)


 - Loblaws fresh deli meats counter shown below:
loblaws fresh meats

Loblaws locations such as "City market" located on Yonge near lawrence
subway stop has s lovely display of Italiam made sodas - none better I say! ta! 

Get the limonata fer shure!

Great place to buy beer and wines to take home, (Open late as is the Metro)
 I don't like beer anymore I have to say  Best purchase here right now would 
be Rekordelig brand coolers from Sweden Note: Loblaws has "Wine Rack" 
outlets around  superior experience of a great drink all around I say! Best 
choices too would be Smirnoff and mikes (hard lemonade) at top of list! 
Plus where's the Port?? ('84 brand from Niagara Region etc would be nice!
(its my fav wine pick)- +Best wine picks also:) (@LCBO at present) Great 
German (Blue Nun, Hochtaler Leibfraumilch, Black Tower - French (Chatenuef 
du pape) and Aussie Cdn wines (Wallerroo Trails Shiraz) which should top your 
list especially are noted at our related website -  (even a nice offering from 
Portugal these past many decades - Mateus Rose) Click here to view

         #1 pick    
Groceries here usually available 24hrs at choice locations - why not wine and
 Vodka Coolers too ("equally") The LCBO cant claim a monopoly on any idea of
 merit as they as sometimes closed (all day mondays and select "holidays") -
 some locations have limited selections of merited choices it would appear (Port
 etc) . Lets decide for ourselves instead - wherever we see fit - including beer
 and mostly wine by the glass availability at sausage cart vendors, all grocery
 related outlets and any restaurants with a minimal fee ($100 annually max)
 licence for crissakes!


Other truly Great food ideas
you must try!

"Souvlaki Express"

Been here many
many times this
past decade
and enjoyed
great souvlaki
pita wraps
everytime back
then as I lived
only minutes away. They're
now at
Carlton on
Jimmy the Greek

Souvlaki Express - Great Greek food

Get a couple of nice thick slices of succulent side bacon cooked to perfection at Carnicero's at St Lawrence Market (upper level) in Downtown toronto! A fver should be about enough unless you want their sandwich deal.

carniceros - side bacon
Carniceros sign

Succulent side bacon slices - Carniceros

"The New Yorker Deli" restaurant at Bay and  bloor in Toronto offers a variety of smoked meat sandwiches and more. Just love the large Orange juice (fresh squeezed for just a four dollar price plus tax) great
euro spirited waitress often!


New Yorker Deli sign

New Yorker sandwich offering


Japanese village
restaurants across
Canada is a popular
place for a "cooked
at your table" experience
in tasty cuisine
such as teriyaki
steak and shrimp
and more! Ths aint yucky sushi food
instead, thats fer shure! (No longer
in Toronto? real shame!)



For more tasty takeout, consider
spadina st. (west) Chinatown section
or on broadwiew at Gerrard (west side) for mainly just great BBQ duck by the pound - only around five bucks a meal in days gone by...

Much nicer tasting deals than what's around for chinese
food such as at the popular "Peking express" on parliament street by
queen street which instead seems to have certainly been a real rip-off
by comparison for the folks around over the years - too much rice filler
and dough mainly in their so-called "chicken balls"

Korean kim-chi
Kimchi - Korean spiced cabage concoction
pickled cabbage

Now available at the front door for takeout service
or delivery through uber-eats service is a combination of the famous Korean spicy beef dish called bulgogi (heaps of spiced up beef with squid pieces mixed in), with a side of equally famous kim-chi (pickled cabbage) and even a
small container of rice thrown in. check # on the
menu - $13.99 plus tax and delivery if applicable
"Yummy Korean"  (place located on Bloor near
Bathurst subway stop)


Asian Wok style Grill located in select food court areas
of shopping Malls have reasonable combos from
$8.25 - including ribs or bourbon chicken with
noodles and a veggie side - Gerrard Square
Toronto location+ Best food pick for miles around!!
(all the way from chinatown to little India
sections on either side of this Gerrard street long
strip - stop in here instead for this deal)

uber delivery
Main Choices include bourbon chicken, lemongrass chicken, mushroom beef, spicy beef, spare ribs, plus more featured offerings each day
. Noodles
or rice and your choice of veggies too at this combo price deal! wow!

asian fusion jnr combo - huge meal deal
Pop can add just one dollar more here or get a
500ml bottle of real coke products up the
escalator- $1.50
asian fusion - gerrard square mall food court
Great bourbon chicken here - best meal pick for
many miles around!! Why not offered at Red lobster
and other Western food outlets  too?
Beats breaded chicken all te hell!

brisk lemonade special

Snack deli meats available at Loblaws
franchised "No frills" Supermarkets
and elsewhere such as "food basics"
delicious Kobassa Meat loaf from
Brandt meats packages sold here
at No Frills etc!
Its also the best place for everyday
prices ($1.28) on 2L pop
My favourite pop flavour is
Cherry Cola! Nice! even around two
bucks instead (Faygo brand etc)
wherever usually available -
(Faygo needs more carbonation fizz
however) Canadian distributor is
apparently "Beverage world" we asked
and got their number for you:
(Missisauga, ON)

hot italian chicken sausage pkg
This time I cooked for myself - a full package of Hot Italian Chicken
sausages (Maple Lodge -  Canadian Brand) Took only a short while
in the oven - turned over a couple of times and voila - a nice tasty
meal - cheaper than eatin out - if youre not in the mood Shown with
tasty Kraft BBq sauce - cheaper at Loblaws related "No-frills
supermarket" discount outlets etc Maple lodge "original" chicken
weiners are a poor offering for taste texture - while the new
stuff they have come out with to replace it is great by comparison
as is "selection brand" similarly made and tasting

sausage dinner I cookes for myself

beats "falafel" type meat substitutes all to hell
I especially detest "tofu" etc type fraud food ideas
falafel not a good choice


PC Mastercard (Optimum club members)
have added savings on select items here

2L bottle - top pick call
for the closest outlet to you that
does stock the brand in regular fashion

Generic cola brands may often be just as good
seeming a taste (I find they are usually much better
taste and certainly value compared to expensive
coke brand with questionable supposedly
philantropic commitments of insane choice - such
bargains instead such as 99cent Presidents Choice at
No Frills (Loblaws sister supermarket chain) or $1.49 selection
brand at Metro (they also have lemonade and grape flavours
too) Always preferred generic coke to a 2l coke bottle
for taste and certainly value - by far!! Selection Brand also
offers sparkling lemonade 2L bottles $2 Great Faygo cherry cola -
the best I find - available at Faygo dealers everywhere that such
better taste is to be had instead (based in Detroit at present)

On discounted sale at present at "Freshco"
along with "No Frills" supermarket outlets too
Also best for top Orange juice pick equally
to Presidents choice - both beat out Tropicana
while Simply also has the best rich tasting
Lemonade along with Tropicana next down
the list

tropicana hit

Limonata (from Italy)
is the best tasting treat for your group gatherings!!
My own best pick is the Lurisia flavoured offering
of bottled Limonata served chilled.
best limonata

castello havarti
Find great cheese such as white cheddar, mozzarella
Swiss and even havarti fer shure best bought from "Castello" I always say! ciao folks

Pasta should always be served with heaps of generously seasoned and
meat-filled sauce with some veggies added for variety. Tons 'o Meat has to replace
the overabundance of tomato like substitutes in too many Pasta based dishes.
Likewise rice should never be plain or dry or just white. Plenty of sauce and curry
like spice taste, even would be great  along with mixed in veggies where appropriate.


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